World 1st Risk-Free Consumer-Investor Platform

“Be a Smart Consumer-Investor”



To reduce poverty by promoting the risk – free consumer – investor platform in the world

Mission 1

To educate the benefit of risk – free consumer – investor in sustaining their live

Mission 2

To support business in increasing customer loyalty and good word of mouth

Mission 3

To encourage lower income level group to share knowledge which will improve in their brain development

Mission 4

To prepare the COB community members to have sufficient retirement fund to sustain for 30 to 50 years

COB stands for "Consumer On Business"

COB is acronym for “Consumer On Business”. COB provides a platform to transition all consumers into business. We believe that consumers plays an equal role in business, hence our logo is shaped as a diamond with well balanced corners. It symbolises every individual is precious and rare. Each person can shine brightly like a diamond.

COB CIRCLE White Paper

The founder of modern economics, Adam Smith (1723-1790), argued that essential task of coordinating national economies should fall to consumers. At COB CIRCLE, we believe in the power of the consumers.

Download our White Paper to find out more on how our platform can revolutionise the future of our economy.


If you’re a business owner/entrepreneur finding ways to grow your business or an aspiring influencer looking to create popular content on social media, we here at COB CIRCLE can help you make your dreams come true. Join us NOW!!!


Risk - Free Consumer - Investor Platform

Consumer may earn multiple income from the platform by just sharing their knowledge

Decentralized System

Decentralized marketplace allow us to redistribute value to each individual who actually contribute the most value in the network.

Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Artificial Intelligence applied with machine learning increases compliance of Know Your Customer (KYC).


System protects individual big data and develop personal knowledge into intellectual property.

Smart Contracts

Self-executing contracts can facilitate the exchange of money, content, shares, property, or anything of value.

Token Value

COB Token will have minimum value decided by consumer spending through COB Circle. The more consumer spends, the faster the token value may appreciate


I'm a University student and I am a social media user, when I join COB CIRCLE all I did was SCAN, SHARE and SPEND. The next thing I know I have a business that generates income for me. As a student I don't need a part time job to earn a full time income. This is amazing.


I am an entrepreneur and I love networking, here at COB CIRCLE I'm able to connect with so many other business owners and that led to many business opportunities. All I needed to do was to invite friends to join and promote COB CIRCLE to others.


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+603 2733 3713
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