August 4, 2018


Successful sharing session by our COB Land CEO on futuristic real estate blockchain. Many were impress on what will happen on the future real estate market.

August 3, 2018


Thanks for the COB advisor support. We have a long meeting on COB direction. Mr.Kenny and Mr.Frederick is really experience and supportive to COB.



August 7, 2018


Thanks for invitation to the knowledge transfer & collaboration in ASEAN meeting by ministry of higher education and University of Nottingham. In this meeting we have a great meeting regarding the knowledge transfer with people around ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and others. Our government has been very supportive on encouraging the knowledge transfer for a better economy growth and future generation. We also met many nice friend who is surprise and interest in COB. Let’s move on together and make this happen.

August 8, 2018


Thanks to Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) under Prime Minister’s Department for taking time to look into COB futuristic planning. Datuk Yusoff the president and CEO of MIGHT is really open minded and friendly person who will to support new idea. This is the first time I feel to be listen by the Malaysia Government. Thanks for supporting COB.

August 10, 2018


We as the corporate member of Knowledge Exchange Association (KEA) has gained a lot of knowledge from this association. Our founder Mr.Adam Swee has been elected as the president of KEA Malaysia for the year 2019-2020. Congratulation

August 17, 2018


We have a great meeting with MIGHT. Thanks for supporting COB. Our team is ready to contribute to Malaysia and the society.

August 25, 2018


Thanks to Dr.Chong and Dr.Angelina in bringing COB research to University of Nottingham UK. Our founder/CEO Mr.Adam and Research Director Ms.Chloe were glad to meet a lot of great Professor, Dr. and expert in different field to share their view on future, innovation and COB. All of them were impress on the idea of consumer on business and let’s make it happen. Consumer will not more be saving from what we spend but we will be investing while we consume.

Together we contribute a little to the world.

August 26, 2018


Meeting with friends and partner in London to discuss on COB strategy. Can’t wait for COB to launch in UK.

Everyone contribute a little, the world and human will have a better life.

Together we contribute a little to the world.

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