Marco Pitt, Senior Travelers, Italy
17 July 2018

Technology and the internet of things is giving people an opportunity to reach heights they had never dreamt of getting to before. Unlike other networks that are often isolated from one another, the internet of things connects everything from industries, space satellites and even the devices in your home and in your pockets.

Entrepreneurs are using the internet of things to stay more connected and in touch with the real numbers and statistics that drive their industry. In the internet of things, creatives can derive meaning out of data and use this same information to power their businesses and drive them forward. For instance, blockchain owners are able to get better-timed insights from the connection of devices thus eliminating the need for simulating the data beforehand but instead using what they have in hand at the time to make decisions as to how well they can steer their businesses. As businesses grow, so does the data they are working with grow and this calls for better means of dealing with this influx of information.

Clouds are good data processors and are used to sort through big data and derive intelligent patterns and trends. This is what sets the creative entrepreneurs using the internet of things practically on a daily basis apart from the rest.

According to COB CIRCLE, artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming modern industries as they have a higher performance and get to the market much faster thanks to a ready hosting environment.

With COB technology,  COB CLOUDS have an inbuilt system to protect information on a higher level which hands back control to the user and this increases trust in the system while eliminating the possibility of data getting stolen. A distributed system ensures that information is shared among devices and this has brought about a digital revolution in the business sector. It also brings about the possibility of using the live information to guide and direct the running of business activities which entrepreneurs can leverage in getting ahead in their sector.

COB CIRCLE is also creating opportunities for many businesses as they can use the information from a vast network of devices to pool information together and use it much more creatively. Mobile devices can sync information with the cloud more frequently thus avoiding data loss and making sure that crucial information is always backed up and in a safe location at all times. Information is crucial to running businesses and the resources that stay connected glean the best insight out of the data.

With this information being manipulated by powerful connected servers, businesses are able to trudge ahead confidently with the knowledge that no matter how bad things may seem, they always have a grip on things. As the internet of things keeps penetrating further and further into diverse sectors of the industry, so do these industries grow and get a firm footing in a digital world where the informed make the best choices and staying current with real facts and figures gets the entrepreneurs in a better position to direct and control affairs.

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