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What is COB token? How does it work?

COB token is basically COB Coins (CC). With COB tokens, users can spend it on all of COB participating merchants. Merchants on the other hand can also pay users using COB Coins for their information or data. Merchants would do so to get accurate information and updated data.

Can I mine COB tokens?

No, you cannot mine COB Coins. COB Tokens are produced in limited units. In the event that more consumers are spending on COB merchants, then the merchants will need to buy tokens to pay the users. When the demand of token is higher than the supply, the system will print new tokens for the merchants to purchase. It is limited to 5,000,000 token per month.

When is COB Token pre-sale and ICO?

Pre-sale: starting Feb 8, 2018, 8 am UTC Strictly open for family and friends. Pre-sale 1: starting March 12, 2018, 8 am UTC. Only open to invitation friends and family. Pre-sale 2 & 3: On 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2018. Only open to invitation friends and family. ICO : Will be announcing on the 4th quarter of 2018.

Can I register before the pre-sale start date ?  How do I know when pre-sale token will be launched ?

Yes. You may register your interest with us by sending an email to and we will inform you before the pre-sale starts. We will also sent you an invitation if there is any private event organized by our company.

Can I invite my friend to the pre-sale event and earn commission?

Yes. You may bring your friend along but no commission will be given. If the event have certain promotion or incentive, both you and your friend may enjoy the benefits.

What is the minimum or maximum of tokens I can buy?

The minimum COB token purchase is 5,000 tokens per account and the maximum is 1,000,000 tokens. If anyone is interested to purchase more, he or she would need to wait for the next round of purchase.

What is the payment method?

You may pay using Paypal or credit card.

What is the charges of transaction fees?

Our company will pay all the transaction fees charged by Paypal.

Can I pay with Ethereum, Bitcoin or other coins to purchase COB Token?

No. We only accept Paypal or credit cards.

How do I verify if my purchase was successful?

You will be able to see your balance and your order history in your account dashboard. Please allow sufficient time for the transactions to be processed.

Why is my transaction status ‘pending’?

In the event if your Order History status shows “pending”, this possibly means your PayPal has insufficient funds or your credit card payment did not go through because of any credit card issue. You  would need to clarify with your bank. However, if you encounter such situations, please email us at to reserve your token at the price you purchase. If not the price might vary in the future when your transactions goes through.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you have to register with COB in order to purchase COB Tokens.

Can I modify my KYC information after submission?

Yes. If you would like to modify your KYC information, you may send email to

What do I need to provide for Know Your Customer (KYC)?

Please provide the following information: • Name • Email • Address • Nationality • Passport Number / Any ID Number • Photo

Where can I get more help and information?

Please email us at if you need any help or supports.

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